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What We Do

Cardinal Community House is Oklahoma’s premiere Respite Care Center for the unsheltered. We provide a place for rest and recuperation for individuals experiencing a medical illness or injury alongside housing insecurity. 

Oftentimes, the vulnerable and unsheltered individuals in our community are left with few options when dealing with a chronic, sudden, or significant medical issue. Some manageable, treatable, or preventable conditions are made worse without the proper environment for recuperation. We strive to provide an environment for healing. The Respite Care Center is a solution to achieve better outcomes for patients and to alleviate the strain on our hospital systems, the taxpayers, and our community. 

Individuals residing at Cardinal Community House receive housing and case management services through a collaboration with Catholic Charities, Archdiocese of Oklahoma City. Individuals appropriate for housing at our center can still care for themselves, though Healthcare Aides may come in to help the client with dressing wounds, hygiene, or other tasks. Cardinal Community House clients receive meals, medication assistance, transportation assistance, social activities, classes, and other services. The facility also hosts visits by medical providers, both on-site and virtually, in designated private spaces. 

Cardinal Community House’s services are provided at no cost to clients. Our funding comes from charitable contributions, agreements with referring sources, and grants. All referrals must be made by a participating agency.


Dignity & Respect

Our program goals are to promote, maintain or restore the resident’s maximum level of functioning within their environment. We strive to achieve an atmosphere which is safe and provides space for residents to experience personal growth and healing.

Residential Services

Cardinal Community House provides respite services across four dorm halls for both men and women. Most clients enjoy a private room and some clients in our special needs units are placed in semi-private suites. Case Managers are assigned to each resident to assist in the following areas:

Improve Health Outcomes
Establish Regimens for Maintaining Health & Well-Being
Regain & incorporate autonomy
Practice sobriety & healthy coping skills
Receive education for practicing healthy lifestyle choices
Legitimize his/her lifestyle; obtain proper identification, car insurance, etc.
Reunite with his/her family & strengthen relationships

Case management services focus efforts to individualized plan development to achieve objectives that allow clients to achieve their maximum level of functioning, establish and achieve realistic goals, secure accommodations for the future, and to overcome issues contributing to housing insecurity.

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