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Kelli M. Ude, JD

Executive Director

Kelli Ude, Esq. joined the agency in September of 2013. Kelli now serves as the agency’s Executive Director and shares a personal mission consistent with the agency’s to provide Opportunity Hope, and Help. Kelli believes this is best achieved through personal recognition of one’s own value, reestablishing autonomy, and providing a broad spectrum of information that allows residents to see and find their place in their families and communities. Kelli also has strong principles of community security and advancement. With the understanding that residents at OHH will reenter society, it is her goal to best equip residents for that transition. Kelli also serves as the facility’s PREA Coordinator. 


Mikki Maxwell

DOC Administrator

Ms. Maxwell graduated from University of Central Oklahoma with a B.A is in General Studies and minor in Sociology. Originally from Tulsa, Oklahoma, Ms. Maxwell brings a variety of skills and experiences in the social services field.  Ms. Maxwell joined OHH in June of 2009 as a Program Aide. In 2011, Ms. Maxwell became a Case Manager Assistant. In April of 2016, Ms. Maxwell was promoted to Department of Corrections Case Manager. In March of 2017 Ms. Maxwell became the Department of Corrections Administrator. Since becoming DOC Administrator, Ms. Maxwell has improved the program through increased offender engagement, which has resulted in fewer disciplinary and accountability issues.

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